Ted ampersand Honey

Cobble Hill is at its best when you order a sandwich at Ted and Honey and eat it in the park next door. Verandah place, really a lane, divides the eatery from the park, is one of the most charming pavements in Brooklyn.

I couldn't help but gravitate to the cole slaw accessorized pulled pork sandwich. I've had this delicious lunch twice now. At Jinx's in Charlottesville the pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw cost substantially more than either alone. I got the point, but when a mixture of pork and cabbage, the dressing soaked into the bun, are put together, I've found a sandwich I can't get enough of.

Ted & Honey
264 Clinton St
(between Baltic St & Congress St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


UK Cabbage

This bin of small white cabbages was located in a London supermarket. The petite balls would probably be great for a serving sized bowl of coleslaw.


Roy Roger's Slaw

A rest stop was spiced up with this side of cabbage salad courtesy of Roy Rogers. It wasn't the most flavorful but road trips aren't the time to complain.

Cole slaw recipe

Here's a coleslaw recipe in a yellow haze. Crisp, not goopy; hardy, not savory: perfect for winter slaw.