Cobble Hill Coffee Shop

I wanted to love it. Early on, the meal seemed to be running smoothly. I ordered a chocolate egg cream (not on the menu, but of course they make it) and a BLT, every sandwich coming with pickle and coleslaw. The egg cream set the stage.

Then it arrived. The miniscule cup of coleslaw was dull and waxy. It tasted sour, so unpalatable I couldn't finish it. The meal was redeemed by the BLT, but the coleslaw will never be redeemed.

Next time: "I'll have a BLT but hold the coleslaw."
"But it comes with it."
"I don't want it."
"Anything else?"
"No coleslaw."

Price (w/ tip): $10

314 Court St (At Degraw St)
Brooklyn 11231
(718) 852-1162

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