Hill Country BBQ

A New York BBQ tour of sorts has commenced. Where there's BBQ, there's slaw, at least if the place has any respect for itself. Tucked into 26th Street, across from another BBQ joint, Hill Country serves it up Texas style. Welcome to eating to eat, not dissimilar from a churrascaria.Hill Country BBQ has plenty of food to go with the slaw, especially on Monday nights. $25 dollars buys an all-you-can-eat plate of brisket, chicken, and pork ribs. There's nothing more American than gorging. Brisket is an unappetizing word for meat but this cut was tender and flavorful, a surprise. As if the meat wasn't enough, four sides are included, namely coleslaw, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, and cornbread. The slaw, coarsely cut, heavy on the purple cabbage, with a generous number of carrot shreds, was light on dressing and a little light on taste. The barbecue sauce made everything taste better.
There were no draught beers but plenty of bottles, PBR, Tecate, typical eurobrews. There are drink specials before 6 and late night, but none when it really matters. After a few too many briskets, I bought Rolaids in the CVS down 6th Avenue.

Price: $36/person

30 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010