Hickory House

In the 700 Block of West Main Street in Aspen, CO you can get a pile of smoked pork, enough for three sandwiches, enough to bury the lower bun so you question whether it exists at all. The pulled pork that you can fit on the bun is generously drizzled with BBQ sauce. Alongside the Western (or maybe just American) sized portion of pork, I ordered the coleslaw and fries for $2. As for the slaw, the glistening white milieu was flecked with bits of purple cabbage and carrot. Excellent classic recipe which is always to fluid for my taste. The portion of slaw and fries was, like everything else, incredibly generous. I left some on my plate, and upon being trapped by a storm, I guzzled two glasses of ice water. The food was certainly enough to power me up Aspen Mountain, where I ducked under a building during a hail storm and thought my audibly pumping carotids were going to burst open. Thin air is no joke.

Price (w/ tip): $18

730 W Main St
Aspen, CO 81611

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