Calexico tacos

Recognized in the July 19, 2009 New York Times, Calexico serves their tacos on a small bed (a twin?) of cabbage. There's a few crisp strands venturing out in this photo.
The few bites I had of someone else's burrito will have me ordering one of those next time, cabbage or no.
(pic from NYT.)

Union Street
Brooklyn, NY


The Ballfields

On Saturdays and Sundays, one of the Red Hook ballfields in Brooklyn, NY, at the corner of Clinton and Bay Streets, is lined with food carts serving up a variety of Central and South American food. Below are two papusas, one bean and cheese, the other loroco flower and cheese, accompanied by pickled cabbage. The loroco flower is native to Central America and is edible. It tastes like asparagus-brocolli, or maybe chicken.Pickled cabbage, which I know involves at least salt and vinegar, is a truly altered product. It requires a handful of spices to reach its transformed state. I'm still more interested in the raw, but the purple stuff was good, still crunchy, and then tangy and salty. It's a good way to hold on to fluids on a hot summer day.


BBQ (not Dallas)

Dallas BBQ is a New York City chain that used to claim this location. With a slightly modified sign and a similar menu BBQ is still serving up cheap food to NYU students and locals. New York Magazine talks about the split from Dallas here. I recently had the pulled pork platter with a side of coleslaw. $8 only gets you so much: tough pork and bland slaw. The photo is a horrible one but it's included because it matches the quality of the food.

21 W. 8th Street, near Fifth Ave.
New York, NY


American Slaw

Brent's General Store in Amagansett makes its own coleslaw, the dribbly all-American kind. It was displayed in a glass refrigerator case with a big spoon sitting in the long rectangular dish. Give me a pound. It looks especially good with a plate of ribs. Happy Birthday America! Thank you cabbage farmers.